PDDT #1 - Kokkedal Open is part of DFSU Prodigy Disc Danish Tour and follows the tour guidelines (click here - only in Danish) and PDGA rules.

2 meters rule is NOT in play!

No consumption of alcohol or drugs before, during rounds is allowed.
Smoking is prohibited on the entire tournament area.

The tournament's entry field is a maximum of 90 participants.
5 spots reserved wildcards

Entry fee
400 DKK all divisions

NB: A registration fee of 9,22 DKK + Paypal / bank fee is added upon payment!

Prize money
Payout to 30% in each division and minimum 55% of net registration fees.

  • Pro-divisions, cash (transfer via PayPal after the tournament)
  • AM-divisions, playerspackage + merchandise/giftcards 

It is the player's responsibility to pay tax of the prize money, if the player's country requires this.

Open (MPO)
Women's Open (FPO)
Masters +40 years (MP40)
Grandmasters +50 years (MP50)
Senior Grandmasters +60 years (MP60)
Amateurs advanced (MA1)
Amateurs advanced women (FA1)

Juniors (MJ18)

White tee: MPO, MP40, MA1
Yellow tee: FPO, MP50, MP60, FA1, MJ18

Tournament Format
2 x 18 holes Saturday (gun-start)

1 x 18 holes Sunday (gun-start) + 6 holes finals, top 4 in all divisions (golf start).

Grouping round 1 - by draw (divided in white/yellow tee)
Round 2 and 3 - groups by division/score


If more than 5 players are placed within top 4 in their divisions after round 3, there will be sudden death play offs on hole 1, 2, 3, 17, 15, 18.

First place ties in any division (after the finals) will result in sudden death play off as well on the same holes.

TD will provide detailed information before any play offs begins.

Photo / video
There will be photographed during the tournament. Images can be published and can be used in conjunction with KFGK's work and the promotion of the disc golf sport.