Waiting list

Stage 2 – reserved spots
In stage 2, we’re bound by regulations to reserve 27 spots for female players. Not knowing, whether the female players will seek the white or yellow pool, we have to reserve spots in both pools.
For now, 13 registrations made in the female divisions all together. So we have still reserved 14 spots in each pool until the end of stage 2. This number will be regulated a long with female registrations.

Wildcards – reserved spots
Furthermore we have reserved 8 wildcard spots in each pool. To be handed out by the Tournament Directors. We’re planning on handing out wildcards in the first week of stage 3!

This means that 22 spots are reserved in each pools for the time being!

The order of getting a spot and confirmation:
This means we can confirm up to 68 spots in each pool.
Time of registration is decisive for the order getting a spot or your number at the waiting list.
So any players who has paid and is in “top 68” of registration order, will soon be confirmed. To secure your spot, you have to pay before opening of stage 3!

The rest of the players will be on the waiting list. You can see your position on the waiting list link in this post (https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/39071). If you can’t find your name – it’s probably because your in the “secure spots”, but haven’t paid yet. Only confirmed players and waiting list is visible on the link.