We’re happy to see your registration for Kokkedal Open in stage 1.
To secure your spot you’ll need to paid registration fee (and food options) before 19:59 (GMT+1) Friday 15. of February. Unpaid registrations will be deleted! Do you still want a spot in Kokkedal Open, you’ll have to register again in stage 2!
Methods of payment, in preferred order:
– Pay through the paypal module in discgolf metrix (go to https://discgolfmetrix.com/?u=scorecard&ID=868456and click ‘edit registration in the top right corner, ensure your price and ordered food options are correct by clicking ‘update registration’ then use the ‘pay’-button at the bottom of the screen).
– PayPal to account: payments@kfgk.dk – use this method in case you, for some reason, have problems with your card(s) on paypal and you can have someone else pay for you – please make sure you transfer the correct amount as listed when you go to ‘edit registration’ as explained above.
If all else fails, you can use bank transfer:
IBAN: DK8330004399259185
Account owner: Karlebo Frisbee-Golf Klub
Hope to see you at Kokkedal Open 2019.
Best regards
Rene Mikkelsen (registration handler)
Lars Lau Jensen, TD Kokkedal Open
Rasmus Spedtsberg, co TD Kokkedal Open